- For Sale – 1947 Studebaker Champion

1947 Studebaker Champion.

This is a complete car. My late father started to restore it prior to him passing away. The motor & running gear have been restored. The motor was running approximately 2 years ago, the rear guards, rear & front doors have been stripped, prepped & undercoated. We need to sell the car quite urgently as my mother is moving into a retirement village in November.

I would love to finish it off myself, but I am into Ford Model T’s & it is not my cup of tea. Hopefully, someone has the time to restore it to it’s former glory & enjoy it. The car is located in Hervey Bay. Any questions please call Andrew 0422373581 or email ajscott1923@gmail.com   –   Price negotiable  $7,500.00



- For Sale – 1915 Studebaker Model EC Six-Cyclinder Touring Car

Dear Sirs,I’m just sending you this note to advise that I have a 1915 Studebaker ModelEC six-cylinder five passenger touring car for sale if any of your clubmembers are interested, although I realize that most interest is probably inthe more attractive and practical models of the 1950s and 1960s.The car was originally retrieved in 1967 from a property near Tambo incentral western Queensland. It had been stored under a station homesteaduntil the late 1950s but was then pushed out into a nearby paddock duringrenovations to the building. Unfortunately, it then spent a decade in theopen, with obvious deterioration as a result, but has been in dry storage,albeit largely disassembled, since being brought back to Brisbane.It remains substantially complete apart from generator/distributor and top,and disintegrated upholstery. Most body panels are restorable or good enoughto provide patterns where replacement is needed, but the car would require atotal and extensive restoration after such long exposure to the elements,which would suit a multiskilled and courageous enthusiast but would not be aproject for the faint hearted. Sadly, I number myself among the latter, andage and ill health has shattered any illusions I may have had of eventuallytaking it on as a retirement project. Original owner’s manual, partscatalogue and sales brochures are included. Attachments show the car duringrecovery in 1967.The price is $4000, the car is located at southside Brisbane, and I’m happyto provide further details or arrange inspection if there is any interest. Ican be contacted by email at arcadia45@bigpond.com or by message.

Phone 0732732517.Kind Regards,Dennis NeilsenIf you have any questions please call.



- For Sale – Studebaker Spare Parts

Studebaker Parts for Sale as per below, if interested please contact seller listed. Thankyou.

Complete Driveline from Lark 1960plus extras ,eng v493026 $200 – $400 (not running but turns over)overdrivemanual trans $100 – $200,complete diff assembly $50 – $150 ,full reco frontdrum setup $50 – $150, old front drum setup, spare stripped engine with recoheads $300 – $500, 2 radiators and more $250 – $450.       Engine – 259, no history but turns over.       Gearbox – no history with linkages and tail shaft.       Differential – no history.       Brake assemblies set reco about 2yrs ago, other all original.       Stripped engine history threw rod no block all new piston reco heads        was in 12 sec drag car.       Radiators 2 of them  but if someone comes get the lot $800-1000 ono

Brake Drums

Gear Box & OD









gear box











Engine Parts















Terry Mansfield Frenchph 0412150708ratandhandbrake@msn.com

- For Sale – Project Car – 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk

For Sale – Project Car 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk 

Late husband’s car. The car is disassembled and can be inspected on site. Janelle would like this car to be completed by a Studebaker enthusiast. Price is subject to negotiation. The Studebaker is located near Rockhampton, Queensland. Please contact Janelle Demeny if interested. Phone 0477414299   demenyjm@gmail.com