Southward Trust Museum, New Zealand
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 10:52

Story written by Qld club members Ross and Pauline Oldman.

Pauline & I were recently in New Zealand doing the family thing and visiting family
and friends over the Christmas New Year period.
While in the North Island we spent most of a day visiting the Southward Trust
Museum. Following is the story of our interesting visit to this location.

This museum has a huge collection of cars from all periods as well as some motorbikes
(some nice Indians in particular) and even a plane or three all displayed. The setting
is superb and the best part of a day can easily be whiled away here. There is
something for most people but if like myself you are interested in almost every pre
1970 vehicle then this museum offers a lot. I like the fact that the restored cars are
not over restored and as many cars as possible have been maintained in original
condition. I like to look at motoring rarities and oddities. Things like an English
Standard Flying V8 from the year 1938. Almost a direct copy of Henry Ford’s flat
head but apparently not as reliable. Most of the Americana is 20’s- 60’s and make up
about 30 or so of the 150+ cars on display.
Allow at leat four to five hours. There is a café so take a break over lunch on site.
North of Auckland we were lucky enough to shown around the Compter Car
Collection of rare cars. Hans is hidden away on a farming property about half way to
the Bay of Islands above Auckland.
Hans Compter is a fascinating man. A Dutchman by birth he has lived in Europe and
travelled the world collecting desirable vehicles for restoration or resale. During the
many years spent doing this he kept the cars that interested him. Hans is interested
in cars from all era’s and of all types and marques. His particular passion is rare
vehicles or one off vehicles of which he has many. At any one time he has over a
hundred cars on site in his own collection, many more that are on site for restoration,
many more that are located in various contract restorers work shops and overseas
awaiting shipment to NZ or directly to clients.
Hans was very generous with his time and I spent several hours on site. While we in
the club are interested in mainly Americana the huge variety he keeps and the
fantastic value and rarity of many of these vehicles would interest most people. I
have an interest in Packard’s. A 1915 model V12 with most impressive limousine
coach built body sat in a corner in totally original, sound condition. This car was
obtained from a ranch in Uruguay and had never been road registered as the ranch
road network was apparently very large.
There was also a V12 from the 30’s undergoing restoration. Han’s like the bathtub
Nash’s and has a couple awaiting restoration. It would be fair to say that his interest
in American cars mainly rests with now deceased independent marques.
Han’s is a walking encyclopaedia and was very generous in sharing this information.
His premises are not open to the public but he holds open days when requested by
car clubs. He agreed to show me around at short notice during the Christmas period.
I believe that he would offer others the same privilege if contacted well in advance. I
also made a small donation for his time while there.

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