SCCQ – Visit to Seventh Day Adventist Aged Care Home – 21st September, 2022
Monday, September 26, 2022 20:11

Display and Chat Seventh Day Adventist Nursing Home Victoria Point

The club repeated our visit last year to the aged care facility at Victoria Point.

This is a high care section of the facility and a static display in a covered car park is the most practical way to display the cars.

Space is limited, so five cars was enough to provide a focal point for chats over a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.

Amongst the attendees was a spritely gentleman who informed us that he was 100.8 years old. His maths is still better than mine.

The cars bring back memories that are associated with cars of this vintage and older when they were family transport.

The club is looking at adding a couple of similar facilities that are geographically spread around Brisbane with a target of a minimum of three such visits per calendar year.




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