Members Stories – Part 3. Gwen McLoughlin And Lorna Venemas’ Studebaker Memories Written For The Club’s 40th Birthday Year 2009
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 13:41

Qld Studebaker Club Members, Gwen McLoughlin and Lorna Venema remember stories from their early days for our Club’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Year of 2009.

As a past club President Gordon and Gwen McLoughlin have lots of Studebaker moments to remember.

John and Lorna Venema have many tales to tell. Lorna particularly remembers when they found their M16 Studebaker truck.

A short story by Gwen McLoughlin

Gordon, Carmel and myself attended the Studebaker Meet at Cooma. There was a large gathering from many other clubs and great cars on display. Sunday we set off for Thredbo with Lindy and Mike West. While in the Chalet at Thredbo it started to snow, a wonderful sight. Carmel came back to tell us she was staying awhile longer with Lindy and Mike. We were all ready to go in our 1959 Silver Hawk when Gordon wound down his window and got a lap full of snow off the roof of the car. The others came back to the Motel with a bag of snow in Mike West’s Ambulance. Monday morning on the point of leaving, Mike called out to the other club members to say goodbye. As they were coming off the balcony, Mike threw snow balls at them.

Don’t think we’d be welcome back there again!!

Last years 40th Anniversary Celebration Year was a great opportunity for members to write their Studebaker stories. Lorna Venema has added a special memory of her early Studebaker days.

Hi, Old and New Stude members. I was just going back in time… WOW!
A good memory of one of our tripa to my hometown Beechworth Victoria, was when we were at Bob and Joy Gpdleys home having a sing along and a BBQ.

Somebody told John about Mr Cronin in Dayesford, he had some old trucks so we ended up going there and buying our M16. It had carted wheat for many years, so we checked the oil and brakes and headed for Brisbane. We arrived at Jerilderie and the timing chain broke.
I wanted to leave M16 there but it ended up with ME towing it with a rope of many knots 300 miles to Dubbo behind my Rambler Rebel. I went on strike and left it at Mr Bells!

We went through Narrabri and John had to buy a Stude Station Wagon which also broke down several times as well. Bill Cunnington went back with John and towed the M16 with the Stude Station Wagon.
John did not talk to me for weeks, I told him I would help with Studies but I was not going to die for them!

Thank you all for many years of great friends and lots of great times.

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