Fuel Card Raffle Winners
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 11:18

31 March 2014

Fuel Card Raffle Winners

Over the past 10 months (17th May 2013 – 31st March 2014), the SCCQ has run a fund raising promotion offering significant prizes in the form of fuel cards from the service provider of choice.

Thanks to all those who supported the Studebaker Car Club by purchasing tickets, the winning odds are certainly better that many other options out there…

Special thanks to all our club members who assisted with the promotion… every ticket made a difference…Big effort by Shane Hodby No 1 ticket seller who personally sold 5 books…

Winners are:

1st Prize Ticket 1344 C Connolly  –  Gladstone

2nd Prize Ticket 3136 R Kirchner  –  Boonah

3rd Prize Ticket 4270 R Young  –  Mackay

The draw process was adjudicated by a local JP with an independent person to undertake the physical draw.

Tickets were drawn from a specially constructed barrel made from a stainless steel beer keg constructed by Harold Ireland.. one of our veteran club members… this was originally made for the 2007 National Rally raffle draw…

The project has been a major promotion for our club with funds going toward our 2019 National Rally to be held in Queensland…

That may seem a long way off, but not when you consider we need to have all the ground work completed by Easter 2017 to present at the National Rally in South Australia…

Thanks again to all the team who contributed to this project… and congratulations to the winners…


Brett Hampson

President SCCQ

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