- Pokolbin 20th National Meet, 2013

Over the Easter weekend of 28th March to 1st April, 32 members of our Queensland Studebaker Car Club attended the 20th National Meet which was held in Pokolbin.
Pokolbin is located in the “Heart of Wine Country” in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales.
Many of the club members drove their Studebakers to the meet, some going earlier to enjoy the tourist attractions along the way, others driving the distance in one day. The Meet Headquarters was located at the Mercure Resort, Hunter Valley Gardens.

Mercure – Meet Headquarters

Everyone came together on the Thursday afternoon for Registration followed by dinner in the evening. Always a lot of fun to catch up with other Studebaker Club Members to discuss how their trips went driving to the Meet.
The Swap Meet was held on the Friday which has something that you must have or need! Lots of time to clean our Studebakers, visit wineries and sightsee the Hunter Valley then onto dinner.
On Saturday the Concours were held in the top Car Park of the Hunter Valley Gardens which was the perfect spot to display all the shiny and eyecatching Studebakers.

The Hunter Valley Gardens known as the “Jewel of the Hunter” has many outstanding features including 10 differently themed garden areas with over 8 kilometres of pathways. It is nestled amongst the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges in the heart of the Hunter vineyards.
Saturday evening we all enjoyed dinner and the Auction which always creates a fun night of frantic bidding.
Sunday morning was the Observation run finishing at “Lost in the Fifties” Museum at Newcastle. The museum is an American Classic Car Museum, it is just like being on the set of “Happy Days.” We all had an interesting time looking and walking around for a few hours. www.lostinthe50’s.com.au
Sunday night the Presentation Dinner was held at Lindeman’s Winery. Three of the Queensland Club Members won trophies for their Studebakers, Louise Cosgrove and Lorna & John Venema. The trophy was a bottle of Lindemans red wine with an engraved Studebaker on the front.  Leila Cosgrove & Greg Devantier also won a trophy each for the Observation run. Congratulations to everyone.
Monday morning was farewell to all of our Studebaker friends and to the Hunter Valley. The 20th National Meet was most enjoyable with a huge thankyou to the Newcastle Studebaker Car Club for organizing the Meet at such a relaxing and scenic place called Pokolbin.
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- Boggo Road Gaol Run 2013

On Sunday 24th February, 2013 The Club had a run to Boggo Road Gaol. Firstly we all met at Shannons Insurance Office at 5/305 Montague Road, West End for “Coffee & Cars”. This is a monthly event meeting at different venues run by the “Coolies Rocks On” Team. We all enjoyed looking at the different cars while sipping our coffee at Shannons. 

Cars at Shannons

At 9am it was time to continue our run to Boggo Road Gaol to meet some other Studebaker Club Members. The Studebakers were given a special parking area in front of the markets for everyone to see. They did create a lot of interest and comment.  Jack Sims was our tour guide for the morning, who was very informative regarding the gaol and answered all of our questions well. Everyone enjoyed the tour and relaxed afterwards while having lunch from the markets.

Studebakers at Boggo Road Gaol

Boggo Road Gaol was a notorious Australian prison located on Annerley Road in Dutton Park. The site is the only surviving intact gaol in Queensland that reflects penological principles of the 19th century. For many years it was Queensland’s main prison.

It was officially known as “Brisbane Jail” but was commonly known as “Boggo Road Jail” because Annerley Road became known as “Boggo Road” due to it’s poor condition. Boggo Road was originally an unofficial and unmaintained short-cut between Ipswich Road and Stanley Street that became very “boggy” after rain.

In 1863, land along Boggo Road was surveyed and set aside as a government reserve before being proclaimed a gaol reserve in 1880. The first cellblock opened on 2 July 1883 and over the years many other buildings came and went on the site. The first buildings were built by Robert Porter, contained 57 cells and were constructed using materials from the demolished Petrie Terrace Jail. In 1903 a prison was built to hold female prisoners. This later became known as the No.2 Division, and is now the only prison building still standing. It is heritage-listed.  

Boggo Road Gaol entrance

Protests at the gaol during the 1980s saw inmates undertake hunger strikes, roof top protests, and rioting over the poor conditions and treatment. The prison was constantly in the headlines and became notorious around Australia. Since 1992 the No.2 Division has been home to the Boggo Road Gaol Museum, which featured displays of prison-related artefacts.

The gaol was originally designed to cater for 40 male prisoners serving as a holding place for prisoners heading to St Helena Island in Moreton Bay. However, by 1989 there were 187 male prisoners and the women’s facility had around 200 additional prisoners.
For more information on Boggo Road Gaol and the tours go to www.boggoroadgaol.com
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- A Visit to the Venema’s Studebaker Emporium November 2012


A member of our Queensland Club, Pauline Oldman who also belongs to another Car Club recently went on a Club Run to Lorna & John Venema’s Home.
 Lorna & John are long time members of our Queensland Studebaker Car Club.

Considering this run included going to John and Lorna Venema’s place in the Beaudesert area, to check out their fantastic collection of Studebakers, together with a  ‘to die for real man’s shed’ which was the envy of all the men who attended the run; how could I not offer to do the Run Report being a Studebaker enthusiast and co-owner.

Rosa and Louie Lengyel are Studebaker owners and members of the Queensland Studebaker Car Club were also on the run. They are good friends of John and Lorna and had obviously picked the perfect place to go for a Club Run.
Set in a rural area on acreage, one would never dream of just what was behind the doors of this huge shed. 8 roller doors, concrete floor, double bays, very high ceilings and 3 phase power. You could literally see the men drooling and envying John’s man-cave.
What was just as impressive however was the vehicles that were parked inside the shed.

    61 Studebaker Lark           51 Bullet Nose 4 door
    49 Studebaker Tipper Truck          51 Bullet Nose Coupe
    42 6×6 Army Truck           61 Studebaker Hawk
    47 Studebaker Convertible           60 Champ Ute
    55 Champ 4 door    
    57 President Studebaker – Two of them
    64 Ambulance – Even the siren works!
    70 AMC Javelins – Two of them

Inside the shed was finished off beautifully with countless treasures of Studebaker and other car memorabilia. Shelves filled with trophies and awards won by this couple over their lifetime together, with many knick knacks that blended in perfectly to provide a great overall effect. It was obvious that Lorna & John had worked hand in hand to achieve all they have. Hats off to both of them.

This shed oozed charm, appeal and a general feeling of stepping back in time while looking at these gorgeous cars. Each one of them lovingly maintained ready to drive out at a moments notice.

John and Lorna were absolutely the perfect hosts, with John being quite a character. They are a very social couple and whenever Ross and I catch up with them at a Studebaker function, it is always a delight and pleasure to be in their company.
Pauline Oldman
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- Torbanlea Picnic Races – October 2012

Another Great Club Event was held on the weekend of 20th October, 2012 at Torbanlea Picnic Races.

Torbanlea Picnic Races is a 20 minute drive North from Maryborough. Our Studebaker group stayed at the Lamington Hotel in Maryborough with everyone meeting up for Friday night dinner at the Hotel. The following morning a Special Race Day bus was arranged to take us all to the Picnic Races at 9.00am.

And the Winner is......

24 Studebaker Club Members had a fun day watching the action packed program on & off the track. The Amateur Jockey’s Bush Races, Mini Trotters, Wood Chopping, Chainsaw Racing Exhibition, Fashion of the Field, Tug-O-War with Shane Webcke & Foot Races for the children, all of this kept everyone amused for the day.

The bus arrived at 5pm to take the weary but happy Studebaker people back to Maryborough just in time to go to Snow & Suzie’s place for Saturday night dinner as per tradition. We have all been going to the Maryborough Meet for 10 years now. At the dinner Suzie had a celebration 10 year anniversary cake with a yellow 51 Bullet Nose Studebaker sitting on top.

1951 Bullet Nose Studebaker 10th Anniversary Maryborough Meet Cake

Everyone had a piece to celebrate. The night was a fairly early finish as the big day at the Races had everybody raced out! Next morning, we all had breakfast together & said our goodbyes until the same place, same time again next year. Thankyou  to Snow, Suzie and family for all your wonderful hospitality.   To view more of the Studebaker Race Day, please click on Gallery

- Studebaker Car Club Concours – September 2012

The Club held their 2012 Concours on Sunday 2nd September at Fort Lytton National Park. Located on the Southern bank of the Brisbane River, 18 klms downstream from Brisbane City, this site played a strategic military role as a hidden fortress guarding the developing Brisbane colony against attacks from enemy ships.This site was a perfect place to have the Studebakers on display with the Brisbane River as a background and the beautiful Queensland weather.

The weekend started with dinner on Saturday night at the Colmslie Hotel with 50 Studebaker members and friends attending. On Sunday a total of 34 Studebakers were on display, plus a number of cars from the Pontiac, Morris and Muscle Car Clubs. A special treat was to have Bill Beverly’s superb 1937 Packard 120 Roadster on display.

Trophy Winners for the Concours 2012 are listed as below:
Longest Distance Tony McKinnon- Christchurch – flew to Sydney – Drove to Brisbane with Peter Leydon
Best Car Visiting Club – Morris Minor Convertible – Vic Agnew 
People’s Choice Visiting Club – 1937  Packard 120 Roadster – Bill Beverly
People’s Choice – Donated Trophy – 1961 Lark Hardtop – Steve Leyden
People’s Choice – Donated Trophy – 1947 M5 Pickup – Matt Pettigrew
Top Car – Dave and Christa Denton – 1960 Lark 4 door 
2 – George Udovicich – 61 Lark Convertible 
3 – Matt Pettigrew – 1947 M5 Pick-up
4 – John Cosgrove – 1955 President Hardtop 
5 – Dave Allen – 1964 Cruiser 
6 – Steve Leyden – 1961 Lark Hardtop
7 – Shane Hodby – US6 Army Truck
8 – Chris Skinner – 1964 Daytona Hardtop
9 – Pauline Oldman – 1960 Hawk Coupe
10 – Dave Lucas – 1952 Commander Starlight Coupe

Top 10 Winners - Concours 2012

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- Dave Lucas – Maidenwell – July 2012

Dave Lucas, Queensland Studebaker Club Member attended the Annual Maidenwell Gas Guzzlers Show which was held in July, 2012.

He is shown here with his “Red & Rare” Studebaker Starlight Coupe, 100 year Anniversary Model. Great to see Studebakers are still out there!



- Studebaker Drivers Club National Meet – Timaru New Zealand 2012

The Studebakers Drivers Club of New Zealand held their 22nd Studebaker Nationals in Timaru on 6th – 9th April, 2012. Timaru is situated on the East Coast of the South Island and is the urban hub of South Canterbury. It’s rolling hills and undulating terrain were formed from the lava flows of the extinct Mt Horrible volcano. The date coincided with Easter so many members from the Queensland, NSW & Victoria Studebaker Clubs ventured across the Tasman to join the NZ Club members.
Approximately 50  Australian Studebaker enthusiasts enjoyed a fun few days.

Australian Studebaker Members in Timaru

Starting on the Thursday 6th April with registration & sales table at the Meet Headquarters “Benvenue”. The opening function and Auction was held on Friday night, 7th April at Seven Oaks Reception Centre.
On Saturday the Concours were displayed at Loop Road, Caroline Bay with 74 vehicles taking part.  A driving skills activity was part of the events for the day and a bus trip was arranged for the ladies for lunch and shoppping at Riverstone.
Saturday evening dinner was held at the Phar Lap Raceway, home of “Phar Lap”. 

Concours held at Port Loop Road, Caroline Bay

On Sunday the official photos were taken of all Studebakers parked on the edge of the Racetrack. Everyone had a ride in a Studebaker on the Sunday drive to Pleasant Point. A pleasant train ride was enjoyed by all, some even travelled 1st class all the way.  Dinner and presentations were again held at Phar Lap Raceway. All of the Australian contingent lined up for an Aussie Photo Shoot – Great photo as shown above.

Studebakers ready at the starting gate at Phar Lap Raceway

Monday morning was time to say goodbye with the farewell morning tea.
The Australian Studebaker members enjoyed the hospitality & friendship of our friends from the New Zealand Studebaker Drivers Club & will hopefully see them all again in another 2 years in the North Island.
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- Studebaker Annual Concours 2011

The Club held it’s Studebaker Annual Concours on the weekend of 3rd – 4th September, 2011.







To start the weekend off, dinner was held on the Saturday night at the Veteran Car Club Rooms, Carindale. The Concours dinner was well attended and gave everyone a chance to catch up before the Concours, Display & Swap Meet on the Sunday.

The Concours was also held at the Veteran’s Car Club Rooms & started at 9.00am. Total number of Studebakers on display was 34, a substantial effort from all our members and visitors. Studebaker Club members came from N.S.W. and New Zealand for the Concours weekend. Many thanks for making the trip, always great to see other National & International Club Members. A barbecue lunch was organised by the Club. A huge thankyou goes to Cousin Gordon (Zig) for being the Chef and also to the girls in the kitchen for the preparation, especially cutting up all those onions! The barbecue was a relaxing and tasty lunch for all Club Members & family.

The Studebaker Merchandise had a steady flow of customers all day, the new Studebaker pens with a floating Studebaker on the side were very popular and sold out quickly. A wide selection of Studebaker parts were also available for members to purchase.

At 2.00pm Club President Dick Adsett presented Trophies to the winners and thanked everyone for coming along as well as thanking all the volunteers who helped with the day.

The Winners were:

1st – Greg Devantier – 1964 Cruiser
2nd – Steve Leyden – 1963 Champ Pickup
3rd – Clive Summer – 1955 President Hardtop
4th – George Udovicich – 1961 Lark Convertible
5th – Len Bajenoff – 1953 Commander Starliner
6th – Steve Leyden – 1961 Lark Hardtop
7th – Dave Lucas – 1952 Commander Starlight Coupe

8th – Chris Skinner – 1964 Daytona Hardtop
9th – Pauline Oldman – 1960 Hawk Coupe
10th – Dave Allen – 1964 Cruiser

Longest Distance Travelled Trophy – Tony McKinnon from New Zealand.

Longest Distance Driven Tropy – Steve Leyden from Sydney. People’s Choice Trophy – Steve Leyden for his 1961 Lark. Raffle was won by Lachlan who was contacted by phone.

One of the most interesting vehicles on display at the Concours was a 1961 Lark Hardtop. This car was orginally owned by Kimball Thomson from New Zealand who would always come across the Tasman for our Concours. Steve Leyden is now the proud owner of the Lark which was originally sold new to the Amercian Consulate in Brisbane. Des Skinner purchased and restored the car in 1976. In 2005 Kimball purchased the Lark and it’s home was now Wellington, New Zealand. Steve has been attending the Queensland Concours for the past 7 years and has entered 3 different Studebakers during this time. When New Zealand had their Concours & National Meets, Steve would always drive the 61 Lark Hardtop as Kimball owned many Studebakers & always needed drivers for his wonderful collection of vehicles.

The 1961 Lark Hardtop was manufactured with RHD in South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A. & was shipped to Australia to start it’s life.

259 c.i. v8 (4272cc)
4 Bbl Carburettor
195 hp (105kw)
Top Speed 112 mph (180kmh)
Air Conditioned
Power Steering

Around 65,00 Larks were built in 1961 of which less than 3,000 were hardtops. Approximately 100 hardtops were built in RHD.

The weekend is always a time for all of us to swap Studebaker tales with old Studebaker friends and enjoy our Studebakers.

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- Scenic Rim Tour 2011

Scenic Rim Tour

On Sunday 26th June, 2011 members of our Studebaker Car Club enjoyed a run
along the Scenic Rim to Australia’s most accessible world Heritage listed
rainforest and diverse mountain terrain.

Twelve Studebakers and their occupants met at Yamanto, ready to head off
at 9.00am. First stop was to visit Panorama Antique Collection at Roadvale
which houses Vintage & Classic Motorcycles, Collectables & Antiques, Vintage
Cars & Memorabilia. The Museum is overseen by Rod & Jenny Beasley and their
sons Brendan & Jason. Many thanks to Brendan who opened especially for our
Club on Sunday morning, everyone enjoyed their chance to see all the
motorcycles & Collectables.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Next our Studebaker convoy headed off to visit a Vintage Aircraft Hanger
privately owned by Nigel Arnot. Nigel has been a pilot since 1974, he
restores aircraft and needless to say he loves planes and flying. The Hanger
has 18 fully assembled & operational aircraft which includes a Tiger Moth
1941, a Russian Yak, 1952 & a Polish Wilga, 1990. There is also 6
disassembled aircraft waiting to take to the sky one day soon.

The rarest plane in Nigel’s collection is the Ryan STM (Sport Trainer
Military) 1936, it has a slightly wider cockpit opening to accommodate
the wearing of parachutes by the crew. This aircraft was built in America
and has spent most of it’s life in Australia. The visit to the Vintage
Aircraft Hanger was extremely interesting and everyone thanked Nigel for
showing them his rare collection.

Club Member Shane Hodby guided all of us to his property “Stables DeVille”
for a B-B-Q lunch. All of us enjoyed a relaxing lunch and some time to
inspect “Shane’s Shed” their horses and donkeys. A big thankyou to Shane
& Annette for having us and our Studebakers at their picturesque property.

On the road again to Bunjurgen Estate Vineyard, owned by Dave & Sue McMaugh
which is surrounded by the views of the Scenic Rim mountains. The vineyard
is known for it’s Shiraz, Boutique Chambourcin wines and Port. Club Members
tasted the wines & port while Dave talked about each selection. This
inevitabily lead us to the Cellar Door, where we purchased some of the
wine that we had enjoyed a short while earlier. Thanks to Dave & Sue for
their hospitality.

The Scenic Rim Tour was a great “scenic” day out and everyone had a very
happy day. Thankyou to Chris Skinner for organizing another noteworthy
Studebaker Car Run.

To view more photos of the run, please click on Photo Gallery.