- Studebakers in New Zealand

1956 President

1956 President

 An article has been written by Ron Engle from Minnetrista, who with his wife Barbara had a trip to New Zealand last March, 2014. While they were touring they visited a small town called St. Andrews, south of Christchurch. There they found a garage with Studebakers. Ron has two Studebakers in the U.S.A. as shown.  1956 President and 1957 Silver Hawk.

1957 Silver Hawk

1957 Silver Hawk


The story about the Studebakers in New Zealand was published in North Star Wheel Minnesota, USA, SDC Chapter. Please click on the PDF below for the story which starts on page 4.

New Zealand Studebakers



- SCCQ Concours – State Gathering 2014

Redcliffe Festival was held from 5th – 7th September, 2014. The Club was invited to show our Studebakers in the “Revin ‘ Up Redcliffe” display on Redcliffe Parade from 8am to 3pm on the Sunday.  The weather was brilliant sunshine with a magnificent view of Moreton Bay.

The winners of the SCCQ Concours –  Show & Shine are listed below:

  1.       Bill Beverly                                        1937 Packard
  2.       Dale Booth                                         1963 Lark Cruiser
  3.       Lyndon Sanders                                 1964 Avanti
  4.      George Udovicich                               1961 Lark Convertible
  5.       Dave Lucas                                        1960 Lark
  6.       Mike Moloy                                        1960 Hawk
  7.       Blake Sanders                                   1963 Hawk
  8.       Dave Allen                                         1964 Cruiser
  9.       Shane Hodby                                     1945 US6 Cargo
  10.       Matt Pettigrew                                  1947 M5

Thanks to everyone for attending on the day.

Studebaker Concours 2014

For more photos of the Concours – State Gathering 2014, please click on Gallery 




- Studebaker Drivers Club National Meet – Taranaki 2014

Studebaker Drivers Club National Meet was held at Easter 17th – 20th April, 2014.

 The 23rd Studebaker National Meet was at New Plymouth in the heart of Taranaki.

Taranaki is a wonderful province with its Maori and Colonial history and is a great place to live and play.  The city of New Plymouth is blessed with huge gardens, golf courses, art and craft facilities, walkways and sites of historical importance. The province of Taranaki was one of the first areas to be colonised owing to its extremely fertile soil. The British started surveying the area around the late 1930’s with what is now the city of New Plymouth being mapped out in 1841.

The centrepiece to Taranaki is the mountain of the same name, although until recent years the mountain had the name of Mount Egmont, which is still acceptable and used extensively. It stands 2518 metres above sea level and is a near perfect cone. While is looks a serene and calm piece of nature, it is a dormant volcano having last erupted in 1755.

New Plymouth

New Plymouth

Everyone started to arrive on the Thursday before Easter having an informal gathering in the evening.  Good Friday was spent with Registration and free time for sightseeing. The Auction in the evening created lots of fun and laughter.

Easter Saturday the Concours were held at Nobs Line park adjacent to the beach. The members enjoyed a Sausage Sizzle and the ladies took a bus trip which included lunch and shopping. The evening was started by the welcome speech followed by a Banquet dinner. The entertainment for the night was The Emerald Brothers who were fantastic.

Easter Sunday morning all members were allocated a ride in a Studebaker for the Sunday Drive to Tawhiti Museum, lunch and a tour. The drive was very pleasant through the beautiful countryside with magnificent views.

Shiny Studebakers

Shiny Studebakers

The Presentation Banquet Dinner in the evening was a good time for everyone to catch up on the day events and to see who had the best Studebaker! Thirty Australian Club members travelled across the Tasman for a fun filled Easter Meet.

Easter Monday morning was farewelled by morning tea with lots of goodbyes to our New Zealand Studebaker friends, until next time. For more photos of the National Meet please click on Gallery

- Fuel Card Raffle Winners

31 March 2014

Fuel Card Raffle Winners

Over the past 10 months (17th May 2013 – 31st March 2014), the SCCQ has run a fund raising promotion offering significant prizes in the form of fuel cards from the service provider of choice.

Thanks to all those who supported the Studebaker Car Club by purchasing tickets, the winning odds are certainly better that many other options out there…

Special thanks to all our club members who assisted with the promotion… every ticket made a difference…Big effort by Shane Hodby No 1 ticket seller who personally sold 5 books…

Winners are:

1st Prize Ticket 1344 C Connolly  –  Gladstone

2nd Prize Ticket 3136 R Kirchner  –  Boonah

3rd Prize Ticket 4270 R Young  –  Mackay

The draw process was adjudicated by a local JP with an independent person to undertake the physical draw.

Tickets were drawn from a specially constructed barrel made from a stainless steel beer keg constructed by Harold Ireland.. one of our veteran club members… this was originally made for the 2007 National Rally raffle draw…

The project has been a major promotion for our club with funds going toward our 2019 National Rally to be held in Queensland…

That may seem a long way off, but not when you consider we need to have all the ground work completed by Easter 2017 to present at the National Rally in South Australia…

Thanks again to all the team who contributed to this project… and congratulations to the winners…


Brett Hampson

President SCCQ

- Studebaker Avanti – GOMA Art Gallery

California Design – 1930 – 1965
Living in a Modern Way – GOMA Art Gallery


One of our Club Members Lyndon Sanders has his Studebaker Avanti going on display for the above exhibition. His Avanti will be on show in the foyer of the GOMA Art Gallery, South Bank, Brisbane.unloading avanti

Our Club would like to congratulate Lyndon on offering his car for display, it will be on grand display in the California Design exhibition from November 2nd, 2013 through to February 28th, 2014.

placing avanti 1

Please click on the links below for more information.


The weekend edition

foyer waterfeature

Click the image for a larger version

Click the image for a larger version

- Vale John Venema


It is with great regret that we report the passing of John Venema on the 26th of September. Everyone with an interest in Studebakers knew of John and his collection of cars and trucks. Both he and Lorna have been long time members of the Studebaker Car Club of Queensland and have regularly attended local, national, and international Studebaker meets. Our club will never be quite the same without him. Our thoughts are with Lorna and her family at this very difficult time.