A Visit to the Venema’s Studebaker Emporium November 2012
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 03:59


A member of our Queensland Club, Pauline Oldman who also belongs to another Car Club recently went on a Club Run to Lorna & John Venema’s Home.
 Lorna & John are long time members of our Queensland Studebaker Car Club.

Considering this run included going to John and Lorna Venema’s place in the Beaudesert area, to check out their fantastic collection of Studebakers, together with a  ‘to die for real man’s shed’ which was the envy of all the men who attended the run; how could I not offer to do the Run Report being a Studebaker enthusiast and co-owner.

Rosa and Louie Lengyel are Studebaker owners and members of the Queensland Studebaker Car Club were also on the run. They are good friends of John and Lorna and had obviously picked the perfect place to go for a Club Run.
Set in a rural area on acreage, one would never dream of just what was behind the doors of this huge shed. 8 roller doors, concrete floor, double bays, very high ceilings and 3 phase power. You could literally see the men drooling and envying John’s man-cave.
What was just as impressive however was the vehicles that were parked inside the shed.

    61 Studebaker Lark           51 Bullet Nose 4 door
    49 Studebaker Tipper Truck          51 Bullet Nose Coupe
    42 6×6 Army Truck           61 Studebaker Hawk
    47 Studebaker Convertible           60 Champ Ute
    55 Champ 4 door    
    57 President Studebaker – Two of them
    64 Ambulance – Even the siren works!
    70 AMC Javelins – Two of them

Inside the shed was finished off beautifully with countless treasures of Studebaker and other car memorabilia. Shelves filled with trophies and awards won by this couple over their lifetime together, with many knick knacks that blended in perfectly to provide a great overall effect. It was obvious that Lorna & John had worked hand in hand to achieve all they have. Hats off to both of them.

This shed oozed charm, appeal and a general feeling of stepping back in time while looking at these gorgeous cars. Each one of them lovingly maintained ready to drive out at a moments notice.

John and Lorna were absolutely the perfect hosts, with John being quite a character. They are a very social couple and whenever Ross and I catch up with them at a Studebaker function, it is always a delight and pleasure to be in their company.
Pauline Oldman
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