39th Annual Concours 2010
Friday, September 10, 2010 00:54

39th Annual Concours held at Queensland Maritime Museum, South Bank
on Sunday 29th August,2010

Club Members & their guests were wined and dined on board the H.M.A.S. Diamantina on Saturday night. The H.M.A.S.Diamantina is the only 1945 surviving River Class frigate in the world. She was gifted to the museum in 1980 and has been restored to her 1945 configuration by an innumerable amount of dedicated volunteers.

Many Members attended the B-B-Q dinner and had an enjoyable night wandering and exploring the levels of the ship. Thanks must go to the caterers, who call themselves Car 1900 from the Variety Bash. The guys cooked a great B-B-Q and also supplied a tasty breakfast and lunch at the Concours on Sunday. They were well supported, money raised goes to the Variety Club of Queensland. Also a scrumptious thankyou goes to Louise Cosgrove for the delicious chocolate dessert cake which everyone enjoyed with their coffee.

On Sunday morning, the Concours started early with our volunteers setting up the “newish” Studebaker tent, now with “Studebaker” printed on it which looked impressive for it’s first Concours, the flags were also on show for the first time at a Concours.
All the vehicles were on display by 9.00am ready to start the day of being inspected, talked about, photographed, admired and most importantly judged. The Venue for the Concours was in the grounds of the Maritime Museum at South Bank, next to the H.M.A.S. Diamantina and with a background of a lighthouse sitting on the edge of the Brisbane River. This certainly was a unique setting in which to hold our 39th Concours.

There were 3 first time exhibitors on display, the Studebakers were – 1968 Excalibur owned by Wolf Grodd, 1964 Daytona owned by Wayne Brosnan and 1960 Lark owned by Perry Gerber.
The Queensland Club is always well supported by the Newcastle & N.S.W visitors.
A sizeable variety of Studebakers, which included 5 interstate cars were on display giving a total of 31 vehicles altogether.

An unusual Studebaker entry at this year’s Concours was a Rare 51 Champion Businessman’s Coupe, owned by Club Members Lorna & John Venema. The Studebaker was built in Southbend, Indiana and was purchased by the Venemas in October 2006 while they were in Sandiego. The car was built as a basic, no frills model for Salesman to carry their goods in the oversized trunk. This is believed to be the only operational model in Australia.

We welcomed our overseas visitors from New Zealand who were Julie & Frank Ward – North Island, Kimbal Thompson – North Island and Tony McKinnon – South Island.
We hope they enjoyed their visit to the Queensland Concours and South Bank.

The Judges are always willing to volunteer their time and expertise in carefully inspecting an array of Studebakers. Many thanks go to our enthusiastic Judges who were – Dave Lucas, Shane Hodby, Gordon Thallon, Wayne Brosnan, John Cosgrove, Carl Murphy, Peter Lynch and Mike Cosgrove .

At 3.00pm everyone gathered around the “Studebaker” tent to hear the President Dick Adsett announce the winners for the Concours. Firstly, the Trophy for the longest distance travelled on “Wheels” this was awarded to Kimbal Thompson, New Zealand Studebaker Club member and friend to members of our Queensland Club.

Winners are listed below for the different categories.

Finned Hawk

1st Rob Fletcher
2nd Peter Leyden


1st Steve Leyden
2nd Shane Hodby

Modified Winner

1st Perry Gerber
2nd Shaun O’Neill


1st George Udovicich
2nd Brian Jones


1st Chris Skinner
2nd Louise Cosgrove

GT Hawk

1st Russel Daw

Post War

1st Wolf Grodd

1st Peter Lynch

TOP CAR – Steve Leyden – 1963 Champion

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Rebel Adsett – 1959 Lark

The Raffle winner was Kimbal Thompson, lucky Kimbal won a basket full of goodies which he kindly shared amongst his Queensland Club friends.

Attendees of the Concours for 2010 are listed below.

Rebel Adsett 1959 Lark
Peter Leyden 1960 Hawk
Shaun O’Neill 1963 Lark
Steve Leyden 1963 Champ
George Udovicich 1961 Lark Convertible
John Venema 1951 Business Coupe
Dave Lucas 1960 Lark
Parry Gerber 1960 2 door Lark
John Cosgrove 1963 Wagon
Shane Hodby 1945 6×6
Louise Cosgrove 1964 Ambulance
Chris Skinner 1964 Daytona
Brian Jones 1960 Lark
Alan Arnold 1962 GT
Russel Daw 1962 GT
Carl Murphy 1963 GT
Rob Fletcher 1961 Hawk
Ross Oldman 1960 Hawk
Nathan Kramer 1963 Daytona
Les Scanlan 1962 GT
Malcolm Dunbar 1960 Hawk
Barry Fleming 1950 2R5
Harold Ireland 1958 Packard
Brett Hampson 1960 Lark
Wayne Brosnan 1964 Wagon
Mike Brazier 1963 Lark
Peter Lynch 1963 Avanti
Susie Bradford 1963 Lark
Dick Adsett 1964 Commander
Wolf Grood 1968 Excalibur
Des Skinner 1963 Avanti

Overall the 39th Annual Concours was another enjoyable weekend for everyone involved and especially for those who won trophies for their much loved Studebakers, all that polishing was worth it! A huge thankyou goes to President Dick Adsett and to all our tireless volunteers who always make everything such a success. See you all next year for the big one.

More photos are in the Queensland Concours 2010 album in the Gallery

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