1916 Studebaker
Friday, September 2, 2022 20:24

1916 Studebaker – Content of Vehicle 

In paying respect to our motoring pioneers, Queensland history and the discovery of components that may have a connection to the original race car, this project was tackled as a ‘faithful reconstruction’. 

As a ‘replica’ for club registration, this vehicle would only need to meet a rule of five of its seven components being of original manufacture. Anything fitted after that date, would be of replica content. In the sum of its content, a vehicle, if restored from a mechanical shell with no body work, can easily pass 50% of replica contents. However, a ‘faithful reconstruction’ pays attention and effort to accuracy, not sacrificing original parts for replicas. 

In the year of 1916, Studebaker introduced improved parts into a sports model, which would, sometime later, be adopted through their production range. This ‘faithful reconstruction’ of a race car meets the specifications of the original car. 

The transaxle is a six cylinder only, improved build, for the series 17/18 which was the build and same specifications as the race car. Apart from nuts, bolts, bearing, pistons and bushes, all mechanical parts are original 1916 Studebaker manufacture. The crankshaft, flywheel and vibration damper, correct improved specifications, but not 1916 year. The crankshaft is not reground and runs in its original while metal bearings. 

The series 17 was produced for a short time at the end of the 1916 production year. Only one was known to exist for racing purposes. Other cars were 16 series and earlier or later 1918 models and onwards. 

Many part numbers are shown on the original castings. There are no replacement castings and the following are a list of the cars number which are correct to the 1916 series 17 model. 

The Schebler model R is not is not fitted at present as the vehicle is being run with a Zenith. 

Cylinder Block                            16730       Clutch plate housings     20304 & 17617

Crankcase                                  16740-1    Transmisssion case       20498

Inlet Manifold                              21099       Diff housing cover          26558

Water pump bowl                       16728        RH steering box case    17460

Distributor mounting                   16747      Steering drop arm          17488

Water outlet housing                  16732       Rear spring hangers      16706

Timing cover                               16746      Hand controls                  17471

Oil pump                                     16751       Generator                       EM126

Exhaust manifold                        22192?     Starter                            EM154

6 bolt wooden wheels (1916 only)

 The 1916 5.8 litre engine, not stamped with an engine number from the factory, indicates that it was not production and was not fitting into a car for sale. 

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